A Few Tips For Optimizing Google Adwords

Google Adwords Optimization

Here are a few tips for optimizing Adwords campaigns.

  • Make separate campaigns for matching landing page content (otherwise known as content targeting). The keywords of the campaign should also be found in the content.
  • There should be exactly the information, services, or products on the landing page that is advertised in the campaign. This increases the quality score of the campaign and reduces the cost of clicking.
  • The CPC should be set for each campaign. Monitor user behavior and conversion rate of ads and, if necessary, focus on high conversion ad groups.
  • Make sure you use small ad groups with few keywords that are very narrow and describe a topic.
  • Make sure your Destination Url is set up to the appropriate page. It makes sense for the campaigns to create tailor-made landing pages from which to link further.
  • Do not use spelling keywords. This reduces the quality of the ad, increasing click costs and reducing the ad’s position.
  • The keywords in the ad group should match the ad text by topic. This increases the quality of the ad, lowering the CPC rate and improving placement.
  • Keep a single message across keywords and ad text.
  • Keywords that have fewer than 0.5% clicks should be deleted in favor of the better ones.
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