Buying SEO Traffic On A Budget

Budgeting Your Monthly SEO Spend

SEO Buying Overview

This is a summary from Glendale, CA Expo – January 2018. This panel went through different methods of buying traffic for the SEO industry.

SEO Panelist Opinions

Charles Goodrich emphasized that ad copy is everything. Surprisingly, he recommended initially with subscription sites to leverage affiliate programs and do rev share programs CPA. Then take that data and apply it to other channels. By other channels, we can assume he was speaking mostly about search engine marketing which they do. He emphasized that good creatives can still make CPM deals profitable.

Ron Babich from Moving Companies AZ (He worked for many software companies and ran their sales programs) recommended advertising inside of another sites members areas. He said that conversion rates are very high in this area if it is non-competing. Babich recommended advertising on review sites.

Jacob D. Schnitzel advocated endorsements such as blogs, partnership deals etc. which can convert as well as or better than search traffic. He noted that advertising on Google Adwords for any industry is particularly difficult. He recommended cloning the site and changing everything to “some other keyword” instead of problematic keywords.

Jackie Smith from walked through how much to spend on branding vs. trackable traffic. He said for his company they do 10% branding / untrackable and the other 90% is through trackable methods.

Isaac Gonzales from Create-Logic said that their system allows tracking pixels to be placed on their landing page so that affiliates can also use their own tracking system to ensure that stats are accurate.

Our Opinion On The Matter has found that the Google Adwords platform is a good test bed for meta descriptions tags. By setting up multiple ads for the same keyword set, and then plugging in the ads with the highest CTR’s into your meta description tags, you can dramatically increase click-thru on your non-paid search engine result pages. Your website meta description tag is typically pulled by Google and other search engines to appear on the search engine result pages below the hyperlinked title tag. This is a free ad for your site that will appear in the organic search engine result pages.

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