How Does SEO Help Drive More Traffic?

How Does SEO Help Drive More Traffic?

How Does SEO Help Drive More Traffic?

Did you know that up to 12% of your traffic can come from misspelled words?

We’re sure you’ve recently heard many search engine analysts state that as much as 15% of traffic can come from a misspelled keyword. So How Does SEO Help Drive More Traffic? These experts also see that this traffic is more much valuable than regular traffic because:

a) You have a better chance of ranking in the top 10.

b) There is less competition.

c) And you’re surrounded by irrelevant results.

This means it may be possible to drive more traffic to your website with misspelled search words then with regular SEO keywords alone!

There are many effective tools for keyword research like the Competitor Keyword Finder. SEMRush is extremely fast and easy to use. There are just enough reports and analytics to provide a comfortable experience.

Common Mistakes People Make with SEO

  • Making to many changes at once.  In order to track how the changes you are making for SEO you need to make small changes over-time.  This allows you to a better ability to validate the progress, without creating more confusion.
  • Not Following Up.  Great so you made some minor changes did you follow up to track the progress.  For instance, has you page been re-indexed and has your traffic changed.
  • Let it run.  Make sure you give your changes enough time to run, before checking the results and making more changes.  I would recommend 15 – 30 days.

Your competitors know best, why not let them do all the hard work by spending time and money on keywords you in turn will use for your ad campaign. With just a few clicks you can create a large targeted keyword campaign.

Tips To Achieving Great SEO in 2018

  • Perform your keyword research in seconds not hours.

  • Generate larger, more complete keyword lists.

  • Save time and money.

  • Find better, targeted keywords.

  • Use with any pay-per-click service.

  • Perform your keyword research offline (no Internet connection needed).

Only use keywords that are proven to generate sales and save money. Companies with a much larger list of keywords drive more traffic to their sites compared to those who have less. SpyFu helps drive traffic from competing sites to your own instantly, resulting in optimum exposure at the least amount of time and costs.

Why should I research keywords for SEO?

Your keyword selection is the first step of any optimization. You’ll define which keywords and phrases should be used to optimize and promote your website. Properly selected keywords determine the success of your website optimization efforts.

If your resources are unlimited, you can just choose the most frequently requested keywords and go on. But today, it’s nearly impossible to find a profitable niche with low competition. In most cases, you have to find trusted balance and moderately competitive keywords that give you quite a lot of visitors.

If you try to research keywords manually, i.e., check their popularity and competition in every search engine your target visitors use, you’ll spend too much time, effort, traffic, and coffee. However, our professionals at SEOGull offer a lot of automation, and efficient tools for keyword research.

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