Using Google Analytics To Set Realistic SEO Goals

Using Google Analytics

Install Google Analytics Correctly

This is a brief summary of a number of practically applicable contributions from the Google Analytics team at SEOGull. This evaluation in Google Analytics was created by working with our customers. Everyone should be using Google Analytics to set realistic SEO goals for their business.

The Goal
There are only a few moments when Google Analytics practitioners avoid simple mistakes, causing an inaccurate interpretation of incomplete data, and errors in interpretation.

Therefore: The right start is important!

It is important to set up the filter, target settings, and custom segments from the beginning to work towards clearly defined strategic goals. When you implement Google Analytics, you should keep an eye on what you want to know when monitoring campaigns and other traffic. Subsequent changes will not be able to match these changes to the historical data. Become aware of this in advance!

It is a realistic goal how the produced data has a high integrity in accordance with your goals and thereby becomes a real business application from day one. It is worth having a plan that defines this goal. Long before you think about adding the Google Analytics code, you should not underestimate the questions about your goals.

  • It is important to define what you really need to know and to do this rigorously.
  • Which metrics and measurements are really important and provide information for
  • Is the data I need available by default?
  • Do you want to be able to easily see how the buying trends of your returning visitors are evolving?
  • Need the separation of registered users to public visitors?
  • Which way do most visitors go to their destination?
  • What are the keywords that lead to the most common conversions?
  • What technology do the visitors have?
  • Where do the visitors come from?

All these analyzes are possible, but all require adjustments for better placement and SEO ranking. Make these adjustments at the beginning so that you have a consistent set of historical data needed for evaluation and optimization.

Realistic SEO Goals Using Google Analytics

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